Maybe Some Butterflies, 2020

According to the neuroscientist research, 30 seconds might be a duration of a delay in conscious response to stimuli. That short yet ambiguous moment of not being aware, responding without thinking, and just before naming was a starting point for the project. Maybe some butterflies explores bodily, non-cognitive, trans-corporeal, and affective aspects of communication processes that become embodied feeling responses and have the ability to be unifying bodily experiences. The video looks at other forms of knowing rather than conscious knowing - immaterial, visceral forces that emerge through different human and non-human relations. We are all part of an affective and embodied worldmaking. Therefore, it questions the ability of language to fully represent the meaning, assuming that what we get instead is just an approximation of it. How do we know things we know, trust our gut feeling, how emotions circulate, how we feel feelings, and how they manifest as somatic bodily responses?

Maybe some butterflies is a 3 channel video projection intended to be presented spatially in a large scale. An immersive environment allows a viewer to attune to the piece and feel the subtle tension of unknowing yet feeling. The video casts different agents - from humans to animals. They engage in a group of activities associated with embodied knowledge - from authentic movement, wrestling, contact improvisation, following bodily sensations to just breathing, floating, reacting to the wind, gravity, or performing body psychotherapy exercises, and massage techniques awaking, unblocking the body and releasing the experience.