I may have bitten off more than I can chew, 2023

Mom says you become what you eat. Hence, I used to lick the meat off the fishbones of mackerel and reassemble them into the shape it was in. The immortal world that I believe with many alternatives. Ways of living, farmed to table, nursed for education, production for consumption, meal per person, collective living. Making sense, making asss sensing. 

‘Think, dream and act according to what you eat and drink.’ 

Recognized by futuristic movement, cooking and eating became subservient to the aesthetic experience, fetishized and fantasized upon layers of reality, a camera obscura in a moving castle. Life moments await me to capture, to preserve, to ferment, for digestion. 

Good gut material. 
Good cut bacteria.
Good Gut bacteria “
text by Ada Hao

I may have bitten off more than I can chew comes from an ongoing dialogue between artists Natalia Janula and Joanna Wierzbicka. Both of their work investigates bodily fragility and the ambiguous, often obscure connection between domesticity and technology, futurism, and decay.

The Generation & Display show is open invite for a unique ‘dining’ experience featuring numerous culinary specialties. es, a cake with a tongue, kinetic fingers, moulding squishy forms.

Janula and Wierzbicka are interested in the edible matter and its ability to shape memories, rituals, communities which then become mutually transformative relationships between food and consumer. With a pinch of salt, they also explore food as poetic, metaphorical, discursive, nutritional, and sculptural material.